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Charles & Eunice : We are a cross cultural family from India and Spain, We have two children Issac & Asha, We came back to India 7 years ago with a desire to see a change in this Nation. Charles has been working with Youth With A Mission  (YWAM) since 2001, has gone to different nations in the world to preach the Gospel and teach in different seminar, Church about the person of the Holy Spirit, has a great passion for the Nation of The India to empower young people. Eunice came to India called by God 10 years ago to work among children and young people she loves seeing young women Restored getting to know God as a father.






thumb_img_5221_1024Papa's House : To Empower young people in the kingdom so that the they get to know they are in Christ,they are restored in the family of God as sons and daughters of papa and they operate in the power of Holy Spirit so when they are in prominent places they can bring transformation and the kingdom Culture.

Missions : In Papa's House we have programs to reach out the university students through evening Music events every friday, We have Concert type. We invite college students to Musical event, we perform worship songs share testimonies and Challenge them to accept Jesus in their Heart.



thumb_img_3295_1024School of the Holy Spirit : Papa's House School of the Holy Spirit is a short term program thought for young people who want to know more about the person of the Holy Spirit. It is a three week intense course that includes time in classroom to study what the Bible says about Him, Worship/ intercession, Personal ministry, Counselling sessions and reaching out to the community as an application time. Its a unique opportunity to know Jesus and His kingdom mind and bring His heaven on earth in our daily walk with God.



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