3 kinds of wishes

Well, during festive times and new year begins I come across many people and all of us say ” I wish you” a happy New Year or Birthday or Happy festival.

I am thinking about the wishes.

Is it really true what I am wishing?

Will my wish get anything accomplished other than just mere words?!

So here are 3 kinds of Wish:

  • Wishful hope:

Example 1: waiting and wishing at the traffic lights to turn green,

Example 2: winning a lottery: statistics says you are more likely to go to moon than to win a lottery lol,

Example 3: weather: we can’t do anything other than just to cooperate,

Example 4: politics; there are poly (many) tics.

  • Expectant hope:

Example 1: giving birth to a child: even in that there are many complications such like will she will get through normal delivery or C section or unhealthy child or still born,

Example 2: getting visa

  • Certain hope: Example: God’s original design This is something what many miss it and most don’t talk about it. Here is where we understand that God really likes us even when we mess up and still long to redeem us to His original design. Understanding who God is (our Papa) and who we are (one of His favorite child) gives us a meaning, purpose and destiny in and through our lives.