Upcoming Events

1st Anniversery of Papa's House Church

In the month on June we finally started what the Lord has been putting in our hearts for a long time: Papa’s House, it is a church, that focuses on reaching out the youth, show them the Father heart of God, and lead them to salvation through Jesus. Well it sounds easy…but it is not! to start with it took us more than 2 years to find a place for gathering. By the grace of God, on 25th of June we started the church by renting one room at a Hotel and we are thrilled Papa is adding people. It’s really exiting….!

School of the Holy Spirit 6th Batch

3 weeks of amazingly intense program for young men and women of God going all the way in to see Christ be exalted in their lives. Its the school to see you go into new heights and depth in Him. Be transformed by the Naturally Supernatural God. Let the Kingdom of God come in daily aspects of lives.